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What you can do with your Bio-Well device

Measuring Human Energy Field

Human Energy Field (HEF) – is the most sensitive reflection of the physical, emotional and, in some cases, spiritual condition of a person. 

Stress Level evaluation 

Through the utilization of special software, it is possible to make a quantitative assessment of the anxiety and health index on a 10-point scale.  

0-2 - very calm, relaxed people. 

2-4 - normal quiescent state.

4-6 - the excited state characteristic of active work, excitement, intense activity.  

6-8 – high level of stress

8-10 - a very high level of stress, the peak of excitement.

Chakra Measurement

According to Eastern metaphysical theories and principles of Ayurvedic Indian medicine, there are seven “Chakras” or integrated energy centers that are considered to affect physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  

Health Status and Energy Status

Present analysis of the functional state of the human body, by calculating the integral parameters of energy distribution in the body and in organs.


Shows energy balance for different organs and systems for both right and left side of the body.


Allows to see particular sectors of different fingers related to body systems as well as to different organs. Numbers indicate the level of energy (in Joules).  Colors have the following indication: 

Optimal condition Energy deficiency Energy blockage Hyper Energy


See Bio-grams of all 10 fingers divided to sectors. Click with left mouse button on the particular finger allows seeing informational screen. 


Preparation of printout for the customer. All information may be corrected. Pressing Save button allows to save document as PDF file. 

Export to CSV

Save all parameters for the processing in Excell, MathLab or any other program. 

Monitoring Energy Reactions 

With Bio-Well instrument you may follow up transformation of Energy Field in the process of treatment, exercise, meditation or any other activity. You may test different substances – food, medications, etc. 

Environment Scan

Bio-Well instrument with “Sputnik” antenna allows you to monitor time dynamics of the Energy of the Environment. This may be interesting for several aims: 

  1. Testing different places looking for places with calm and turbulent energy. 
  2. Testing Energy situation in different places depending on the position of sun, moon, time of the year, etc.
  3. Measuring energy in the Places of Power – both natural and man-made –temples, sacred places, ancient cities, etc.
  4. Testing Geoactive Zones, in particular, Geopathic Stress Zones.
  5. Detecting the influence of emotions and focused attention to the environment.

BioCor accessory

BioCor is a unique device that aids in shifting and correcting your energy state and balance through the use of high frequencies. This device should be used in conjunction with the Chakra audio setting in the BioWell software. Based on your frequencies Bio-Well program creates individual music file, which are send to BioCor device and applied to special earphones together with high frequency modulated by your own frequency. 

Getting Started

  1. Order a Bio-Well device from your local distributor.
  2. Download the software for either Mac or Windows.
  3. Connect your Bio-Well to the computer via a USB port.
  4. Open Bio-Well software and test your new device with the free demo account. 
  5. Purchase a software subscription for ongoing use.
  6. Start using Bio-Well with your login and password. 

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