Bio-Well Video

  • The Leaders Room: Dr. Konstantin Korotkov



Soul Leaving Body: Interview with Dr. Korotkov


    Mind over Matter: Secrets of human aura revealed by Russian scientists


    The Leadership Energy Summit Asia 2013 - Dr. Konstantin Korotkov


    Dr. Konstantin Korotkov – Scientific Conviction of Life after Death

    Television Program on Aura by Dr J M Shah in Soham Channel
    (Language Gujarati)


    Television Program on Bio-Well in Soham Channel. What you can do with your Bio-Well device? (Language Gujarati)


    Most respected Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on Human Aura Camera, Kirlian Camera, Human Chakra (Language Hindi)


    Shri Narendra Modi - Science has proved that our Auras has the power to determine our health through GDV Kirlian Camera (Language Hindi)


    What is Human Aura? - Reading Human Aura - Human Aura Photography


    Dr J M Shah on Aura Imaging or Kirlian Photography through BIO-WELL


    A Testimonial - On BIO WELL GDV Camera


    Dr. Jashvant Shah on BIO-WELL GDV Doordarshan interview
    (Language Gujarati)

  • Chakras View Features in the Bio-Well GDV Camera

  • Human Energy Scan Analysis By GDV Camera or BIO-WELL Camrea

  • Bio Well Conducting a Stress Test Scan

  • Bio Well Organs Energy View Features

  • Bio Well Fingers View Features

  • Bio Well Health Status View Features







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